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Post by -Mal- on Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:58 pm

Hi guys.

There is to be a few things that are going astray again.
We all know that I have treated everyone as equals with the choice to start ops, use intel to sabotage, which is all fine.
But there is a few fundamental things that have slipped away.
In this TF:
We do not back stab other members, former or current.
We do not run a member down if he has a bad run at the op.
We do not throw our toys out of the cot when the op is not completed. We try better next time.
We do not bully or harass members in chat or on posts in the forum, on even in PM.

I am the leader of the TF and I really don't want to have to force an exit for a member.

In this TF:
We have fun.
We respect eachother.
We help eachother learn and grow together so we can succeed.
We do our best and treat others how we want to be treated ourselves.



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Post by duke on Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:02 pm

Back ya and agree with you 100%...We started this to have fun and friends...with no pressure or drama....We are here to play have fun and make great friends. We are all still learning everyday and getting stronger. So what if we have a bad op. the main thing is we support each other and just try our best. Yes we all like to win but were never going to win them all. Have fun with it win the ones we can and learn from the ones we cant..

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