"Alloha" .....Update from Eric

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"Alloha" .....Update from Eric  Empty "Alloha" .....Update from Eric

Post by Eric88 on Thu May 21, 2015 3:32 am

Hi  ,guys ,,,it had been few days passed after my exit from the task force..i am strating to miss you guys.

it had been many days that i did not log into this forum until today suddenly i had the sudden urge to come in just to take a look...and i saw mal's "Take Notice" (red bold colour topic) message...mal is right about our objective of forming this tf ...i was totally mis-behave and was wrong treating other mates poorly ....it appear when we are @ Brth (50 man tf) and it again happen now again ...sadly...if only i had saw & relieze the reminder mal/duke was hinting to everyone (especially to me) ...i could have turn back my strayed behaviour which is not accetable in any respectful manner....it was too late now

I am taking this opportunity to sincerely apologized to all my friends whom i had hurt in any manner , "I am truly sorry , please forgive me".

Grey wolf is a new member and can see that he is contributing well for the team. This is good replacement after i had left...hope the team can continue to have fun and help /motivate /encourage each other during the daily op...i miss you all...really

Now i had joined up my very 1st 25-man Singapore based tf ...all 24 are from Singapore and 1 from UK. This team is rank top 1300+ with 9xxx+ force points. They play Sour Grape daily ...and today we had bottleneck op...its my very 1st one ...till to date from brth time....the highest op we had went is sour grape whuich we could not complete 100% as that time all of us are still weak 2 troop building...currently , i am the highest intel contributor at 56 and had participate daily at the op...the leader had praise of my contribution and hinting to make me an officer soon...i am doing well in this tf ,so please do not worry about me.

How is Twintank now....i really hope he had overcomne his life /job difficulty and continue enjoying Boom beach as much as he used to play..

I know that i am not able to return back to current tf anymore but perhaps in the near future , should Zakas managed to persuade the entire team to upgrade to 25 man ...maybe you guys can shoot me an invitation to be back home...i would really be glad to join back and chat with all of you guys again...these are good memory as we have been together for many months...sharing jokes every now and then

Till then i will safe keep that pink dress made by Duke with me...lol

Take care ...have fun and keep in contact

I miss you all Smile

Note : brth is totally a changed team as many former members had left...i think 90% is new members ...hence i did not go back there



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"Alloha" .....Update from Eric  Empty Re: "Alloha" .....Update from Eric

Post by Zanks25isbetterthanduke on Thu May 21, 2015 10:33 am

Hey Eric. Glad to see that this was the way you decided to take it, and not blow a gasket on everyone. Really mature action. I'm glad to hear you found a place you are enjoying. Was hoping you didn't just decide to quit playing and are happy where you are. Let's just say that I haven't quit bringing up the idea of upping Tf. Lol. And honestly if we do you have my vote to give you another chance. You're a solid ass player and I know you weren't actually intending to really put anyone down. I myself have been guilty of blowing up a bit. It happens. I understand that. The Tt comment though is what got me. But I also understand that I'm sure you were joking but if someone is actually going through a tough time jokes like that can't be the motivation to do something they might not really want to. But an update on tt. He has been a lil more talkitive and vp slowly climbing back up. So he's playing. Not sure if it's all solved. Just wanted to take the time to make sure you got some type of response. You're still a good dude in my eyes. Just poor judgement here and there. Bjt that can be forgiven in my eyes. Take care bud. And hopefully I'll convince these girls. And you can come back home.


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"Alloha" .....Update from Eric  Empty Re: "Alloha" .....Update from Eric

Post by Jericho on Thu May 21, 2015 11:48 pm

hi Eric, i'm not good at English to give a speech. just let u know i hope u all well Very Happy


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"Alloha" .....Update from Eric  Empty Re: "Alloha" .....Update from Eric

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